Word On The Street: Arizona Applauds Governor Ducey’s Fiscally Conservative, Balanced Budget

Governor's Office

January 22, 2019

On Friday, Governor Doug Ducey released a balanced and fiscally conservative budget. It strengthens Arizona’s financial position and saves for the future — all while making investments in the things that matter.

Here’s what others are saying about Arizona’s budget:

Arizona School Counselors Association
“We cannot express our incredible excitement and gratitude that Governor Ducey's budget is to include; for the first time, dedicated funds for the hiring of additional school counselors through a grant program.” (LINK, 1/18/19)

Arizona Troopers Association
"We're appreciative that Governor Ducey recognizes the challenges facing DPS in recruiting the best and brightest. We look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature this session on this crucial issue." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Save Our Schools Arizona
"The budget proposed today by Governor Ducey represents progress. We are pleased to see the Governor delivering on the second phase of the 20x2020 teacher pay raise with an additional $165 million." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University
"Finally, we applaud Governor Ducey’s proposal to fund the Teacher’s Academy, which ASU has fully embraced. We share the Governor’s belief that providing full tuition scholarships to students who wish to pursue a degree in teaching will be of benefit to the entire state and we thank him for making this a priority." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Robert Robbins, President, University of Arizona
"Gov. Doug Ducey’s proposed budget recognizes the value of education in Arizona. We commend his proposal to invest an additional $35 million for Arizona’s public universities and I look forward to working with the Governor to ensure our legislators are aware of the important work being done at the University of Arizona. We’re also encouraged that the Governor is proposing significant investments for teachers and the K-12 system. When the state invests in education, it creates more opportunities for all of us in Arizona." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman
“Last year, voters sent a clear message for us to fix education in Arizona. We face an unprecedented teacher shortage, spending per student remains among the lowest in the nation, and many of our schools need vital repairs. With the 20x2020 plan, we have made steps in the right direction and I'm committed to finding innovative ways to recruit and retain our educators across all fields. We must guarantee competitive pay for all educators, including our art, music and special education teachers, as well as support and classified staff." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Christine Thompson, President and CEO, Expect More Arizona
"Governor Doug Ducey's budget proposal invests in all levels of education: early childhood, K-12 and higher ed. Excited to work with him and state leaders to address the investments needed to improve outcomes for students and strengthen AZ communities." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Anne Gullickson, Executive Director, A For Arizona
"We are fortunate the Governor recognizes the great gains happening in Arizona classrooms. This proposed budget increases opportunities for students in low-income neighborhoods with the expansion of Results-Based Funding for low-income ‘B’-rated schools. Closing the achievement gap is a goal we all share. This funding makes it possible for excellent schools to reach more students in poverty, with transformative effects for more families and communities." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Brian Hummell, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
“Appreciate Gov. Doug Ducey FY2020 budget proposal eliminates prospective KidsCare freeze. 114 Arizona kids received cancer treatment in the 18 months ending June 2018. Smart investment in quality healthcare for children of hardworking Arizona parents.” (LINK, 1/18/19)

Arizona Health And Hospital Association
“AzHHA applauds Governor Doug Ducey for including key health-related items in his budget proposal,' said Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association CEO Greg Vigdor. 'Eliminating the KidsCare enrollment freeze as well as providing additional funding for rural prenatal care and innovative grants for prenatal telemedicine equipment clearly demonstrate this governor’s commitment to building better health for the patients, people and communities of Arizona. We look forward to working with Governor Ducey and the state legislature in the coming weeks and months.'” (LINK, 1/18/19)

Coconino County
“Thanks to Governor Doug Ducey for funding a county priority and removing a state cost from county property taxpayers! Thanks for the leadership!” (LINK, 1/18/19)

Maricopa County
“The budget, as proposed, rolls back more recession-era cost shifts to counties which would give us increased budget flexibility to spend locally on Things That Matter to Maricopa County residents.” (LINK, 1/18/19)

AARP Arizona
"AARP Arizona and our 900,000 members thank Gov. Doug Ducey for $5.2 million increase for HCBS in 2019 budget. This much needed increase will help reduce wait list for Seniors who want to stay in their home and save money by delaying costly institutional care." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Arizona Charter Schools Association
“Governor Ducey’s budget plan proposes an extra $785,500 for the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools – enabling the oversight body to hire 10 extra staff to monitor academic, operational and financial performance at charter schools, as well as investigate complaints. The Arizona Charter Schools Association supports this effort to root out misconduct and ensure accountability on behalf of Arizona taxpayers and the nearly 200,000 students attending charter schools statewide.” (LINK, 1/19/19)

Lee Lambert, Pima Community College
"We at Pima are grateful and excited the Governor’s budget includes $20 million dollars for Pima Community College’s aviation center expansion." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Accelerate Arizona
“Positive sign to hear an emphasis on 'accelerating and expanding' our infrastructure investments in Governor Doug Ducey's 2020 budget. Maintaining, enhancing and growing our transportation system is crucial in supporting our growth as a state." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Glenn Hamer, President and CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“The governor throughout his tenure has committed to funding outstanding results. This budget continues that, increasing the number of schools in low-income communities that can access dollars that will make it possible to sustain and grow their ability to deliver a great education to more students. The budget is future-focused, ensuring our students are ready for tomorrow’s jobs. We strongly support the governor’s call for a Career and Technical Education (CTE) incentive program. CTE works. CTE students not only stay in school, but they graduate from high school ready-for-hire in in-demand fields and prepared for advanced technical training." (LINK, 1/18/19)

Southern Arizona Leadership Council
"SALC applauds Governor Doug Ducey for releasing a prudent budget that makes a substantial investment in Arizona’s education pipeline — the driver of our state’s future workforce." (LINK, 1/18/19) 

Ron Shoopman, Chair, Arizona Board of Regents
“Governor Ducey’s executive budget proposal is a strong start toward securing the ongoing funding necessary to provide a high quality, affordable public higher education for all of the people of Arizona. The board commends Governor Ducey for his leadership and vision in proposing a budget that will invest in some of our state’s most vital assets - Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona." (LINK, 1/18/19)

County Supervisors of Arizona
"Governor Doug Ducey's budget proposal provides important mandate relief to Arizona Counties! Thank you, Governor! County Supervisors are grateful for your leadership." (LINK, 1/18/19) 

Arizona Association of Counties
"Thank you Governor Doug Ducey for honoring the partnership between the State and Arizona's 15 counties! The Association of Counties and all our members appreciate your leadership.​" (LINK, 1/18/19)

Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association
"We applaud Gov. Doug Ducey for including $3 million for rural broadband development. This has been a need in many rural Arizona communities for quite some time. Thank you for your leadership!"(LINK, 1/18/19) 

Pima Council on Aging
"Pima Council on Aging is excited to thank Governor Doug Ducey for a $5.2 million funding increase for Home and Community-Based Services in his 2019 budget." (LINK, 1/19/19)

Alzheimer's DSW
"Thank you, Gov. Doug Ducey, for making Arizona’s aging population a priority in this year’s budget!" (LINK, 1/18/19)

March of Dimes Arizona
“Gov. Doug Ducey's budget dedicates $2M to prenatal telemedicine grants & loan repayment for health professionals providing rural prenatal care. We thank the Governor for working to improve outcomes & reduce maternal mortality & morbidity.” (LINK, 1/18/19)

Arizona Lodging And Tourism
“We applaud Governor Doug Ducey for a budget investment in tourism that is certain to elevate promotion of our state and strengthen visitor spending to grow and sustain jobs while delivering a powerful economic impact.” (LINK, 1/18/19)