Week In Review: Reducing Recidivism & Protecting Communities Through Post-Release Fire Crews

Governor's Office

July 14, 2017

Former In Arizona's Fire-Crew Program Given A Real Second Chance
Read Governor Ducey's op-ed for the Arizona Daily Star about the effectiveness of Arizona's post-release fire program.

AZ Family: Former Inmates Will Soon Have A Chance To Become Full-Time Firefighters 
"This is a second chance for convicted felons, who are coming out of prison to do something meaningful, and it will earn them a good wage."

KVOA explores Arizona's investment in the post-release fire crew

Out Of Hell, Into The Blaze
The Perryville women's prison fire crew is fighting fires through a program that enables them to protect communities and change their lives.

Scottsdale Police Officer Speaks After Administering Narcan To A Man, Days Following Training
As Arizona works to reduce opioid deaths in our state, Scottsdale cop Tyler Parks saved the life of a man going through an overdose.

CNBC: Governor Ducey On Arizona's Top-Shelf Quality Of Life And Pro-Growth Environment
“When entrepreneurs get sick of being overtaxed and overregulated in places like California, they pack up a U-Haul (another great company based here) and move to Arizona.”

The best sunsets on Earth are right here in AZ.