Arizona Finds Bipartisan Agreement On Many Issues

Governor's Office

May 31, 2017

This year’s legislative session resulted in landmark investments in education and important reforms to expand opportunities for Arizonans. But most of all, Arizona saw much of this year's legislation pass with bipartisan support.

In 2017, more than 91 percent of the legislation Governor Ducey signed was passed with bipartisan support. That means Republican and Democratic support both in the House and in the Senate. If we count bipartisan support in only one of the two chambers, that number shoots even higher: more than 95 percent.

In Arizona, Republicans and Democrats can agree on common-sense policies. Take the Arizona State Senate, the chamber more evenly split between Republican and Democratic lawmakers. Of all the bipartisan Senate bills that Governor Ducey signed in 2017, more than 61 percent passed with completely unanimous support (not a single ‘no’ vote) and more than 72 percent were passed with near-unanimous support (two or fewer ‘no’ votes).

From improving outdated regulations to investing in programs that help children and families, Arizona is making meaningful reforms that both sides can support.