Pathways To Employment

Governor's Office

April 6, 2017

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey, the Arizona Department of Economic Security, and the Arizona Department of Corrections today released a video highlighting the Offender an employment initiative administered through a strategic collaboration between the Department of Economic Security and the Department of Corrections to provide inmates with post-release employment services, including job-seeking skills, and assistance in once again becoming productive members of society.

Click Here To Watch Our Video About The New Program.

In his 2017 State of the State address, the governor announced the program will be expanded through “Employment Centers,” a pre-release initiative that will provide inmates who are within 60 days of release with job-seeking and workforce retention skills. 

“We need to ensure that our correctional system truly is about corrections, and this program will go a long way in achieving that,” said Governor Ducey. “Empowering those who want to become productive members of society again benefits our state, strengthens our communities, and protects hardworking taxpayers from the long-term costs associated with recidivism. Let’s continue to be a national model by showing our fellow Americans what it means to give people a real second chance.”


  • 1,600 inmates are released from prison each month in Arizona
  • 39 percent of those inmates released will return to prison
  • 2,220 inmates reached through the Offender Employment Initiative’s pilot program, which began in 2016
  • 100 inmates placed in jobs through the pilot program in 2016