Word On The Street: Lucid Motors Selects Arizona

Governor's Office

November 30, 2016

“When government takes a back seat to innovation, big things can happen.” – Governor Ducey

On Tuesday afternoon, Governor Ducey and Lucid Motors announced that the company has officially selected Arizona for its new electric car manufacturing operation.

The decision—expected to bring more than 2,000 new jobs and more than $700 million in capital investment to the region by 2022—will be a huge boost for workers and consumers across the state.

Here’s what they’re saying about the newest proof that Arizona is increasingly #OpenForBusiness —

Phoenix Business Journal: Arizona Is Now “The New Home Of A 500-Acre, $700 Million, 2,000-Employee Automotive Manufacturer.”  “Casa Grande in Pinal County is the new home of a 500-acre, $700 million, 2,000-employee automotive manufacturer. Menlo Park, California-based Lucid Motors will build an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Casa Grande and has plans to build its luxury electric vehicles for first sale in 2018.” (Eric Jay Toll, “Arizona Wins 2,000-worker, $700M Auto Plant In Casa Grande,” Phoenix Business Journal, 11/29/16)

Arizona Capitol Times: The $700 Million Electric Vehicle Plant Will Become “The State’s Only Car Manufacturing Operation.” “A California startup will build a $700 million plant in Casa Grande to manufacture luxury electric vehicles. The plan by Lucid Motors, being announced this afternoon, will involve hiring 2,000 workers for what would be the state’s only car manufacturing operation. The first hires will take place next year, with training for the jobs through the community and technical colleges in Pinal and Maricopa counties.” (Howard Fischer, “Luxury Vehicle Plant Proposed For Casa Grande,” Arizona Capitol Times, 11/29/16)

Arizona Chamber Of Commerce And Industry: “This Is Big.” “This is big. And note that Arizona’s proximity to Mexico and the cross-border supply chain was key. Congrats to @dougducey and team.” (Twitter, 11/29/16)

ABC 15: “The Automaker Researched More Than 60 Sites In 13 States For Its Plant And Chose Arizona.” (“Lucid Motors To Build $700M Manufacturing Plant In Casa Grande,” ABC15, 11/29/16)

San Francisco Chronicle: Lucid Motors Chose Arizona, In Part, Because Of The State’s Strong Infrastructure And “Educated Workforce.” “Lucid considered 60 different potential factory sites in 13 states, Barron said Tuesday. The company picked Casa Grande in part due its access to rail lines and interstate freeways, its educated workforce and its short distance via plane from Lucid’s Silicon Valley headquarters.” (David Baker, “Tesla Competitor Lucid Motors Picks Arizona For Its Factory,” San Francisco Chronicle, 11/29/16)

Associated Press: Governor Ducey “Says It’s Another Positive Sign That Companies Want To Do Business In Arizona.” “Ducey says it's another positive sign that companies want to do business in Arizona. The Republican governor has made jobs creation and a business-friendly climate in Arizona a top priority of his administration. Ducey made a trip to California in an attempt to land the factory.” (“Electric Car Factory To Open In Arizona,” Associated Press, 11/29/16)

Fortune: “This Hot New Electric Car Startup Is Betting On Arizona.” “Phoenix, which is one of the top five growth markets for tech in the U.S., has started to attract automotive tech startups, including Carvana and Local Motors. Google is testing its self-driving car technology in the suburb of Chandler. GM’s recently acquired autonomous vehicle startup Cruise Automation is piloting autonomous vehicles nearby.” (Kirsten Korosec, “This Hot New Electric Car Startup Is Betting On Arizona,” Fortune, 11/29/16)

Lucid Motors: There Are Many Reasons We Chose [Arizona] . . . Chief Among Them Is For The True Commitment You’ve Shown Us From The Beginning.” Brian Barron, Director of Global Manufacturing at Lucid Motors: “There are many reasons we chose you. Chief among them is for the true commitment you’ve shown us from the beginning. We chose Arizona because you showed genuine interest in our company from the onset, because you negotiated in fairness, and with understanding.” (“Lucid Motors To Build $700M Manufacturing Plant In Casa Grande,” ABC15, 11/29/16)

Phoenix Business Journal: Governor Ducey “Essentially Closed The Deal For Arizona.” “‘It took a serious partnership of the state, (Pinal) county and (Casa Grande) to bring this deal together,’ said Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey in an exclusive interview. ‘We made an extra effort to bring another major manufacturing facility to Arizona.’ Ducey essentially closed the deal for Arizona, according to Lucid Motors.” (Eric Jay Toll, “Arizona Wins 2,000-worker, $700M Auto Plant In Casa Grande,” Phoenix Business Journal, 11/29/16)

Lucid Motors: “We Were Impressed That Governor Ducey Made A Trip To California To Meet Our Team And Was So Accessible When We Were In Arizona.”  “‘While all the markets wanted an automotive OEM facility, Arizona was the state that made us feel as if it were a partner in the process,” said Brian Barron, director of manufacturing for Lucid Motors, formerly Atieva. ‘We were impressed that Gov. Ducey made a trip to California to meet our team and was so accessible when we were in Arizona. This was one of the key deciding factors in choosing Casa Grande.’” (Eric Jay Toll, “Arizona Wins 2,000-worker, $700M Auto Plant In Casa Grande,” Phoenix Business Journal, 11/29/16)

KTAR: Not Only Will Lucid Motors’ Expansion Create Thousands Of Jobs, The Company “Wants To Help Veterans Get Back Into The Workforce.”  “At a press conference, Ducey said Lucid Motors would build a 500-acre plant in Casa Grande, south of Phoenix, that will employ 2,000 people by 2022. Ducey said Lucid will also look to hire veterans. Brian Barron with Lucid Motors — who served in the Navy — said the company wants to help veterans get back into the workforce.” (“Tesla Rival To Build $700M Electric Car Assembly Plant In Arizona,” KTAR, 11/29/16)

TechCrunch: Lucid Motors “Has Committed To Training And Hiring American Military Veterans For Positions At The New Facility” In Arizona. “Brian Barron, Lucid Motors’ director of global manufacturing, said that Lucid will begin hiring for the production facility as early as next year. Barron noted that he himself is a navy veteran and that Lucid has committed to training and hiring American military veterans for positions at the new facility.” (Kristen Hall-Geisler, “Lucid Motors Will Begin Manufacturing In Arizona In 2017,” TechCrunch, 11/29/16)

AZ Big Media: Lucid Motors Is Already “Working With Central Arizona College . . . Recruit And Train The Folks Necessary To Get The Factory Working.” “Construction will start in 2017, Barron said, and recruitment for employees is already underway. Barron noted that Lucid Motors is working with Central Arizona College to help the electric car manufacturer recruit and train the folks necessary to get the factory working.” (“$700M Electric Car Manufacturing Facility In Casa Grande Announced,” AZ Big Media, 11/29/16)

CNET: “Lucid Motors Has Shown A Very Sophisticated Operation For Its Entry As A New Automaker” And Has Even “Designed Connected Features And Self-Driving Capability Into This Car.” “Lucid Motors has shown a very sophisticated operation for its entry as a new automaker, with its Chief Technology Officer, Peter Rawlinson, an alumni of Tesla and Lotus, and Vice President of Design Derek Jenkins having spent time at Mazda and Volkswagen. . . . The as-yet unnamed first model will compete with the Tesla Model S as a luxury sedan, and should boast over 300 miles of range. Lucid has also designed connected features and self-driving capability into this car.” (Wayne Cunningham, “Arizona Gains New Electric Vehicle Plant, As Lucid Motors Announces Manufacturing,” CNET, 11/29/16)

Arizona Commerce Authority: “Second 2,000+ AZ Jobs Announcement In 2 Weeks!” “Second 2,000+ AZ jobs announcement in 2 weeks! @Lucid_Motors has selected @cgazgov for its manufacturing operation!” (Twitter, 11/29/16)

“I can’t wait to drive one.” – Governor Ducey