Eliminating Economic Burdens For Families And Small Businesses

Governor's Office

September 28, 2016

Joining a crowd of entrepreneurs, lawmakers and job creators Tuesday, Governor Ducey announced his role as honorary chairman of the Job Creators Network ‘Bring Small Businesses Back’ Campaign, highlighting the importance of helping small businesses across the country and getting government out of the way of innovation.

“Every small business and startup deserves the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of their industry,” Governor Ducey said. “I’ve had the opportunity to travel our state and our country and meet some of the most amazing everyday small business Americans. They work hard, innovate, and dream big.”

Arizona has now recovered all of the jobs that it lost during the recession, and businesses big and small are looking to expand their operations and continue to hire.

In order to do that, government must step aside and let job creators create.

“We’re going to look at any regulation that gets in the way of job creation that isn’t beneficial, doesn’t help the state protect the citizen or protect the consumer,” Governor Ducey told Capitol Media Services.

Identifying bureaucratic agencies and burdensome regulations that stand in the way of job creators and trailblazers is just part of the solution; Governor Ducey also expects an efficient government across the state that operates at the speed of business, allowing small businesses to thrive and Arizona’s economy to grow.

Governor Ducey told KTAR that he "hopes to do more in the upcoming legislative session to help small businesses succeed in Arizona.”

Here are a few ways we can make that happen:

  • Shrinking boards and commissions that are standing in the way of opportunities
  • Making sure regulations pass the “laugh test.”
  • Eliminating outdated occupational licensing laws
  • Decentralizing regulatory powers
  • Allowing consumers to make the choices that fit their needs best

These issues will be the central theme of the nationwide ‘Bring Small Business Back’ Tour.

“Are there things we can do at the state level and at the federal level, like getting rid of regulations, like lowering taxes, like allowing people to bring their dollars back into this country at a reasonable tax rate?” questioned Governor Ducey. “That’s something that governors and governments can deal with.”