Governor Ducey Statement Celebrating Easter And Passover

News Release

April 4, 2021

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today released the following statement regarding Easter and Passover:

“Today, we celebrate renewal and rebirth. This Holy Time reminds us that although we’ve faced hardship and loss, we are surrounded by love and hope as we look toward the future. 

“Perseverance and faith will carry us through even the most challenging times. Last year, many families couldn’t gather in person and worship services were held virtually to protect public health. This year, we are still fighting the pandemic — but hope is on the horizon. The vaccine is out far and wide, many Arizonans are further protected from the virus, and loved ones are responsibly celebrating this special time together. 

“Many Arizonans have put others first not only this weekend, but throughout the pandemic. Medical professionals are caring for the sick, educators are helping students and families, and volunteers are supporting vaccination efforts. Law enforcement personnel and Arizona National Guard members are supporting our communities and keeping people safe. 

“These selfless individuals protect Arizonans and keep our state moving forward, and I’m grateful for their dedication to serving others. 

“I wish all Arizonans celebrating Easter and Passover a safe, blessed and joyous day. God bless!”